UK*Carramazza Sunshyne   x   DK* Sarafina's Black Sparrow

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The babies were born at 20. November 2005 (day 59 of pregnancy) - unfortunately too early. Two girls and six boys ...

Only one little baby - a little male - has survived this early birth, birth weight:
2.399 oz.

Sparrow's Nightmare Only You  "YoYo", one day after birth - a handful hope ...

YoYo - four days after birth ...

YoYo at the age of 2.5 weeks - he enjoys his brush massage (it's a small
brush for mushrooms) after his meal ...

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His development after the first days ...

... a handful  confidence ...

YoYo with baby-sitter Helkenberg Godiva

03. February 2006

19. Febrary 2006

24. March 2006

YoYo lives now in a wonderful home and he will have a happy life as pet.

First moments with his new friend Sparrow's Nightmare Chiara.

I'm very grateful for the time with him and miss him so much ... but I think
it was the right decision:

YoYo August 2006 - a happy big bear

YoYo September 2008