... the slander ...

A slanderer spoke: "It was really wrong of me  that I spread such lies about you. I will take back everything."
The slandered one answered: "As a token that you really are serious, please take this pillow filled with feathers back to your house. There you open it and come back again to my house. With each step that you do throw a handful of feathers into the air."
The slanderer did as he was told and after some time he stood in front of the slandered one´s house with the empty pillow case in his hands .
The slandered one spoke: "And now  go back again to your house, collect all the feathers and put them back into the pillowcase."
The slanderer answered: "Even if I do my very best- I won´t be able to pick up every single one! There are too many feathers and I don't know where they all landed. How will I know which way they took?"
The slandered one spoke: "These feathers are like your lies about me - once spread, there is no way to get all of them back. So tell me, how are you going to take back all those nasty things you said?"

© Ina Zahlten